Price: $ 750 and up

So you’re not really into the fishing and diving “thing”, and that’s ok. What you want is to just be able to relax with your family and friends on your own private beach, with no one asking you every five minutes to braid your hair or trying to sell you some overpriced souvenir made in China. Don’t worry, we’ve got you and your guest covered. We can arrange to pickup you and your guests  at our dock, Nassau Yacht Haven, just behind the Poop Deck Restaurant, East Bay Street. We’ll even provide additional drinks,  (you know, real drinks at local island cost!)

Four hour charter: $ 750 up to 6 people, $ 70/pp for extras
Six hour charter: $ 975 up to 6 people, $ 90/pp for extras
Eight hour charter: $ 1400 up to 6 people, $ 125/pp for extras